Sayenko Kharenko’s partner spoke at the 6th Annual “Internal Audit and Corporate Fraud” conference

Sergey Pogrebnoy, litigation partner at Sayenko Kharenko, acted as a speaker at the 6th Annual "Internal Audit and Corporate Fraud" conference held on 20 June in Kyiv and hosted by "Financial Analysts – Service".

The conference is a platform for heads of internal audit and control departments, controlling and auditing services, directors of security services, chiefs of the anti-fraud offices and operational risks departments, auditors and risk-managers from the leading companies to discuss current trends in the field of internal audit and effective anti-fraud strategies and tools.

In his case study entitled "Anti-fraud practice at one of the largest Ukrainian engineering companies” Sergey Pogrebnoy shared his experience on the interaction of legal department during the official corporate fraud investigation with other departments, corporate security audit, detection of problem areas and project risks, corporate fraud detection and prevention, as well as operating under conditions of aggressive environment without the support of top management.

Sergey Pogrebnoy has more than 16-year experience of practicing law and specializes in complex dispute resolution procedures, litigation, investment projects, corporate security, and corporate law. Mr. Pogrebnoy is named among notable practitioners in litigation according to Ukrainian Law Firms 2014 compilation by Yuridicheskaya Practika; ranked among country’s top lawyers in litigation according to Clients' choice 2013 research by Yuridicheskaya Gazeta; and is recommended in litigation by Best Lawyers International 2014.

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