Proposed Changes to Corporate Law: the Position of the Ukrainian Bar Association and the Commercial Law Center (in Ukrainian)

Leonid Antonenko, counsel at Sayenko Kharenko, moderated the meeting with the authors of the draft law "On Limited Liability Companies» №2011-1, hosted by the Committee on corporate law and stock market of the Ukrainian Bar Association (the "UBA") on 7 August 2014 in Kyiv.

The participants of the meeting discussed UBA’s suggestions to reform corporate law, including suggestions about the division of all companies into public and private and the extension of discretionary method of relations regulation in private companies. Committee members suggested the amendments to some articles of the draft law №2011-1, and the authors of the draft law had the opportunity to comment to what extent these amendments can be taken into account when finalizing the draft law.

Please follow the link to read the report of the meeting. 

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