Sayenko Kharenko’s counsel spoke at the joint meeting of the Entrepreneurs Committee at the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Svitlana Kheda, Sayenko Kharenko’s counsel, spoke at the joint meeting of the Entrepreneurs Committee at the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, held on 23 October in Kyiv.

In her presentation, Svitlana spoke about the Ukraine’s specifics of using mediation dispute settlement mechanism in settling labour disputes. In particular, her presentation addressed the issue of implementing the multi-tier dispute settlement provisions (that include a mediation clause) into the labour agreements and the employment termination agreements. Ms. Kheda also highlighted the use of the so-called ‘quasi-mediation’ when the employers and employees are not aware of mediation as an effective tool for dispute resolution. In her speech, Svitlana provided many examples from her own experience in employment mediation and gave specific recommendations to the employers that would enable their complies to effectively use mediation in resolving labour disputes.

Svitlana Kheda is a certified mediator of the Ukrainian Mediation Centre experienced in employment mediation. She is heading the ICC Ukraine based Mediation Centre and is a founding member of the Mediation Practices Club under the auspices of the Ukrainian Mediation Centre. Svitlana is a well-known champion of the mediation development in Ukraine. She speaks and writes frequently on mediation issues, both in Ukraine and abroad.

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