Sayenko Kharenko’s Lawyers Took Part in the Discussion of the WTO Instruments of Protection of National Exporters’ Interests in the International Markets

On 5 December 2014, the Expert Forum on Protecting National Exporter in the World Markets through WTO Instruments (the "Forum"), held by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (the "Chamber"), took place in Kyiv.

The Forum gathered the representatives of the leading Ukrainian law firms, government officials, and diplomats, including Mr. Valery Pyatnitsky, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine; Mr. Pietro Poretti, Senior Legal Officer at European Free Trade Association; Ms. Olena Zerkal, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on European Integration; Mr. Daniel Crosby, managing partner of King & Spalding; Mr. Taras Kachka, Acting President of the American Chamber of Commerce; and Ms. Svitlana Zaitseva, Head of the WTO Department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and others.

Some specific issues discussed at the Forum included the WTO dispute settlement, protection of intellectual property rights through the WTO instruments, protection of exports share to the market of the Russian Federation and promotion and protection of national exporters' interests under the international trade rules.

Mrs. Tatiana Slipachuk, partner at Sayenko Kharenko, and Mrs. Natalia Mykolska, the Firm's counsel, presented to the Forum the practical aspects of the WTO dispute settlement and involvement of the business community in the WTO dispute settlement procedures, respectively.

Mrs. Slipachuk pointed out the main differences between the investment disputes settlement procedure and the WTO dispute settlement procedure. Mrs. Mykolska highlighted the role of the business community in the WTO dispute settlement procedure. In particular, Mrs. Mykolska emphasized that the contribution of businesses to the WTO dispute settlement procedure is extremely important at each stage, from fixing the fact of tariff or non-tariff barriers and ending with the control over the implementation of judgments and recommendations of the WTO dispute settlement institution. In her presentation, Nataliya also provided relevant hints to the business community on the peculiarities of step-by-step collection and analysis of information, case supervision and other relevant WTO disputes settlement procedures, which are a must-know for any exporting industry.

Given the fact that the Ukrainian economy is facing rapid transition period connected with the reorientation of export to the EU and third countries' markets, it is crucial to protect national exporters' interests through the WTO instruments and to expand their positions in international trade. Taking into account the importance of these and other issues, the Forum has become an effective platform for discussion and cooperation between national and international experts.

Sayenko Kharenko is one of the few national law firms with a stellar team of lawyers experienced with a myriad of complex of rules of the World Trade Organization law (WTO). Our team continually advises foreign and domestic companies, manufacturers, exporters, and importers on the enforcement of the WTO rules.

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