Alyona Onishchenko elected Co-Chair of the EBA Corporate Social Responsibility Committee for 2022

Sayenko Kharenko Director of Marketing and Development Alyona Onishchenko has been appointed  Co-Chair of the European Business Association Corporate Social Responsibility Committee for 2022.

As an EBA CSR Committee Board member, Alyona will promote CSR among EBA members and the wider business community in Ukraine, develop strategies to cultivate partnerships with other legal and non-legal CSR programmes, determine policy regarding promoting and recognising work within the Committee, analyse and inform companies on effective ways to promote their CSR efforts, analyse and share experience and best practices in the implementation of CSR initiatives; and help to identify and overcome regulatory and other obstacles to CSR in Ukraine.

“It is a great honuor for me to be appointed to the EBA CSR Committee Board. My election is a logical step in the sustainable development strategy of Sayenko Kharenko. We believe that integrating sustainability into strategy is important to futureproof business. Thus, the firm constantly initiates and supports a range of social projects, from high-profile initiatives like the Power of Signature to focused projects such as the legal hackathon. I hope that during my committee work I will be able to share my experience and learn the best practices from colleagues,” Alyona comments.

The EBA SCR Committee was established in early 2006 to serve its members who realise the need to consider the good of the wider communities within which they exist. The Committee members share their experience and best practice in implementing various social initiatives. They also discuss obstacles to CSR in Ukraine and endeavour to overcome them together.

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