Sayenko Kharenko successfully defended interests of a group of companies that owned one of the largest organic plants in Ukraine

Sayenko Kharenko successfully defended interests of a group of companies (the “Group”) owning one of the largest plants in Ukraine producing organic material used in the chemical industry and the fuel and energy sector. Maintaining control over the Group created a conflict among its owners.

The project included all-inclusive protection of the client’s interests in a number of areas, including litigation, criminal law, corporate and tax law, and corporate security.

During the corporate conflict between the owners of the Group, Sayenko Kharenko team secured:

  • successful resolution of more than 30 controversial litigations
  • effective defence in criminal proceedings initiated by both the opponents against the client and Sayenko Kharenko lawyers against the client’s opponents to protect the client’s rights and interests
  • successful legal support during the audit of the Group’s activity by the state regulatory authorities initiated by the opponents, including tax authorities, authorities on architectural and construction supervision and environmental control
  • taking decisions necessary for the client at the conflict general meetings of the supreme governing body of the Group companies, as well as the implementation of a number of corporate tools ensuring the normal operation of the companies during the corporate conflict
  • effective support of negotiations between all parties to the conflict to resolve it and consolidate the sale of their corporate rights to a new investor
  • effective negotiations with the investor, support of the legal, technical and financial audit of the Group’s activities by the potential investor, as well as subsequent structuring and successful completion of the sale of the Group to the investor, with all parties to the conflict acting as sellers

Effective actions of the Sayenko Kharenko team made it possible to ensure normal business activities of the Group and maintain the client’s control over the Group during the entire corporate conflict, as well as successfully complete the conflict itself, taking into account the interests of all its participants.

Sayenko Kharenko team working on the project involved partner Sergiy Smirnov, counsel Oleksiy Koltok, senior associates Kuzma Pozychaniuk, Sergiy Protyven and Kateryna Kolos, associates Vadym Slesarchuk, Zhanna Zayets, Olena Solonska and Volodymyr Adonin. The overall management of the project was carried out by partner Sergey Pogrebnoy.

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