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Sayenko Kharenko has represented the business interests of many of the world’s largest multinational corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, industrial groups, financial institutions and individual business owners for over ten years, allowing the firm to gain extensive experience in tailoring comprehensive corporate security solutions designed to identify, eliminate and prevent external and internal threats. Our clients can be confident that their business will be protected, regardless of the nature of the risk involved.






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Protecting your business is our priority

Over 50 clients have entrusted us to provide full corporate security coverage, from developing and implementing corporate security systems to dealing with crisis situations and resolving unprecedented conflicts. They rely on our team of seasoned lawyers whose breadth of resources and expertise provide an exceptional foundation to address the most complex corporate security issues.

We offer the following services:

  • сrisis management;
  • protection from raider attacks;
  • corporate security system audit;
  • development and umplementation of a corporate security system;
  • anti-raider audit;
  • crisis terminations;
  • corporate intelligence;
  • recruitment of personnel for the security function;
  • security training for owners and managers;
  • business heirship security;
  • forensic.

Audit of the corporate security system using the GSA (Global Security Assessment) tool in the following domains:

  • analysis of structures, environment, impact, risks and costs associated with ensuring business security;
  • anti-corruption compliance;
  • security department;
  • corporate intelligence;
  • financial and economic security;
  • personnel security;
  • legal security;
  • information security;
  • cybersecurity;
  • safety of owners, top management of companies and their families;
  • security of heirship and continuity of corporate governance principles;
  • physical security of the office, production, warehouses, distribution centres;
  • anti-terrorist security.

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Top 50 Law Firms 2021, Yuridicheskaya Practika

Shortlisted for the "Business Protection Law Firm of the Year"
Legal Awards 2019, Yuridicheskaya Practika

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10 December 2021


Sayenko Kharenko is Ukraine’s No. 1 according to the “50 leading law firms of Ukraine 2021”
10 June 2021


Sayenko Kharenko and PwC Ukraine are conducting the “Assessment of the safety of doing business in Ukraine” 2.0 survey
07 June 2021


Sayenko Kharenko wins in a record number of categories at the Legal Awards 2021 by Yuridicheskaya Practika
22 April 2021


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