30 July 2014

Sayenko Kharenko’s associate joined the working group on e-commerce and digital signature

Mykyta Polatayko, Sayenko Kharenko’s associate and IT group coordinator, joined a special working group of the Reanimation package of reforms (RPR) on e-commerce and digital signature.

The working group was established to draft amendments to the legislation on electronic commerce and digital signature. The major groups amendments have been already included to the draft law of Ukraine "On electronic commerce", which is being prepared for consideration on second reading.

Reanimation package of reforms – a public initiative established in order to take Ukraine out of the crisis through reforms. The initiative brought together more than 150 experts from NGOs, research centers and business community who were included in the relevant working groups in various areas of economic reforms.

Sayenko Kharenko’s IT group is comprised of lawyers with industry-specific expertise who represent all major practice areas of the firm. This enables us to both advise clients on the most complicated projects and develop, debate, comment and evaluate legislation in IT sector. 


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