16 February 2015

Sayenko Kharenko’s new LinkedIn professional group on brand protection in Ukraine

Sayenko Kharenko is pleased to present a new LinkedIn professional group dedicated to brand protection in Ukraine. This is a place for intellectual property and brand protection professionals to exchange their ideas and thoughts, share information and opinions on brand protection and anti-counterfeiting in Ukraine. Within the Group, members are invited to discuss all aspects of brand protection related to Ukraine, including:

  • Customs and border protection, immigration and customs enforcement;
  • Legal issues regarding infringement of IP rights in trademarks, designs, and other IP;
  • Internal monitoring (employees, customers, distributors, retailers, production waste, etc.);
  • Outside resources (law enforcement agencies);
  • Preventive measures & remedies, including seizure of fake goods; and
  • Destruction of counterfeit.

Any interested LinkedIn member is welcomed to join the Group and become a part of brand protection community! To join the Group please follow the link and press the “Join” button.


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