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23 March 2021

FIDIC contracts in Ukraine: law and practice

Source: SK insights

FIDIC contracts in Ukraine: law and practice

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With the growing volume of foreign investments in various infrastructure projects in Ukraine, new challenges and ways for improvement emerge. Currently, Ukraine is implementing multiple initiatives financed by various international financial institutions, such as EIB, EBRD and World Bank, which establish the projects-specific mandatory procedures and rules for procurement, work performance and service provision. These procedures and rules are mostly based on the best international practices in the relevant field. 

One of the recognised best international practices in the construction and infrastructure projects is using standard conditions of FIDIC contracts, which offer a balanced approach to defining the roles and responsibilities of the parties, as well as allocation and management of project risks. Despite the growing demand for FIDIC contracts in Ukraine, no document summarising relevant national legislation and local practices has been published as of today. This book aims to fill in this gap and become the first comprehensive publication addressing law and practice of FIDIC contracts in Ukraine.

The book offers current and practice-oriented information on the use of FIDIC contracts and regulation of the consulting engineer profession in Ukraine. It also addresses the procedure for consideration of claims and dispute resolution under FIDIC contracts. Because of its uniqueness and the importance of the issues covered, this publication will be a valuable and useful material for employers, contractors, investors, engineers, consultants and other actors involved in the FIDIC-based projects implemented in Ukraine.


This book is also available in Ukrainian: Практика використання контрактів FIDIC в Україні – Sayenko Kharenko (



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