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14 May 2020

Sayenko Kharenko and partners organise a legal online hackathon

Sayenko Kharenko, Bot&Partners, Opendatabot and Legal Lab are organising the first legal online hackathon in Ukraine, which is to take place on 30-31 May 2020.

Participants of the online event will have a chance to share their experience and create innovative solutions for automation of legal work. The hackathon will be preceded by a series of lectures and workshops on open data, chatbots, no-code automation, etc. During the two-day hackathon, teams will learn and get help from the mentors – successful legal engineers and lawyers experienced in automation. Cases will be announced on 18 May 2020.

Sayenko Kharenko CEO Nazar Chernyavsky adds: “Most of those who have nothing to do with legal activities would probably describe a lawyer’s work as dealing with piles of papers, writing boring documents, responsibility, and attention to detail. In short, hopeless boredom would be the definition of a lawyer’s work. To be honest, our work is far from fun, but there’re lots of fun and creative people among the lawyers. That’s why we would like to facilitate and simplify the lawyers’ work to make sure they have more time to search for creative solutions and innovations and their efforts yield greater results. Facing the increased competition today, business needs it more than ever. Some of the products could be refined and used in our work, and some of them could be offered to our clients to ease their ‘pain’, which we are totally familiar with.”

Both individual participants and teams are welcome to participate. The hackathon prize fund makes USD 1,000 for each of two winning teams to have offered the best products.

For more details, please visit the event’s page and to register please use the link.


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