3 July 2013

Mediation Practices Club was created under the auspices of the Ukrainian Mediation Center

On 2 July 2013 the Mediation Practices Club was created under the auspices of the Ukrainian Mediation Center (Kiev-Mohyla Business School). The aim of the Club is to foster mediation expansion in Ukraine by uniting the efforts of the prominent lawyers (who are also trained as mediators) in popularizing mediation as a reliable and efficient dispute settlement mechanism. Svitlana Kheda, Sayenko Kharenko's counsel, certified mediator and the champion of the mediation development in Ukraine, is one the founding members of the Mediation Practices Club.

At the constituent meeting were also present: Galina Yeremenko and Vladimir Marukhevich, representatives of the Ukrainian Mediation Center, Alexey Ivanov, managing partner of Konnov & Sozanovsky, Elena Tkachenko, partner of Paritet, Elena Sapozhkova, managing partner of S. K. O. Forum, and Oleg Gromovoi of AstapovLawyers.

During the meeting, the participants reconfirmed their intent to create the Club. They stressed that this initiative would be for the mutual benefit of the lawyers and the clients and, ultimately, may help to improve the rule of law in Ukraine.

"Mediation is an important alternative to the traditional means of settling disputes. It may assist the parties in resolving their dispute amicably, confidentially, cost and time efficiently, and, therefore, maintaining good working relations in the future. Mediation significantly reduces corruption risks, which is especially attractive when settling disputes in Ukraine", – comments Svitlana Kheda.   

The meeting’s participants also discussed some technical issues related to implementing mediation practices within the Ukrainian legal community and informing the public about the Mediations Practices Club and its activities, as well as the benefits mediation may offer to various stakeholders.


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