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19 March 2020

Sayenko Kharenko invites you to the virtual exhibition “The Power of Signature”

Virtual tours become the main source of knowledge and new impressions today. The Vienna State Opera is closed but continues to play daily online; The Berliner Philharmonie and the Metropolitan Opera in New York have opened up their digital archives so that everyone could still access their music from home. Sayenko Kharenko joins those who help get through the quarantine and invite Ukrainians to visit the online exhibition “Power of Signature”.

The interactive museum “Power of Signature” was created on the occasion of the firm’s 15th anniversary and now is available online in 3D format.

The online exhibition will tell the story of a signature from the Sumerians to the present day. The virtual tour will take you to the library with huge books describing the most significant signatures of mankind. Online visitors will see unique documents symbolizing the key events in the history of Ukraine.

Sayenko Kharenko partner and the exhibition organizer Michael Kharenko comments: “The virtual tour “The Power of Signature” is our response to the new world challenge when no trips are possible. Our lives have changed greatly, but some things remain the same – our strive for knowledge and new impressions and power of signature. Any signature always hides a personal choice, and our aim is to make this choice responsible and conscious.”

Web site with all the exhibition materials in Ukrainian and English and video tours will be available very soon.

In December 2019, thousands of people visited the interactive museum “Power of Signature” at Kyiv art gallery Lavra. Today we invite you to take an online journey of several millennia covering many different countries and eras.


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