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1 February 2021

Sayenko Kharenko has launched “The Power of Signature” website

Over a year ago, Sayenko Kharenko opened “The Power of Signature” interactive museum at the Lavra Gallery in Kyiv. About 9,000 guests visited the museum in 28 days it was open. Visitors saw dozens of stories telling how a signature can change the course of history and the fate of millions of people and the world’s leading nations.

The fact that “The Power of Signature” has become such popular projectled to creation of a 3D tour of the museum, and later – to moving the exhibition to Boryspil International Airport. And if this was not enough, we have decided to make “The Power of Signature” available to everyone around the world.

The Power of Signaturewebsite is based on the principle of scrollytelling, when viewing turns into a real journey, a continuous story that makes one read it to the last page. Historical illustrations, audio recordings and interactive tests will help a website reader to remember every story about the fateful decisions certified by the signature on a clay tablet, parchment, or a piece of paper.

The site includes four sections that tell about the role of signature in the history of Ukraine and the world, the people who changed the course of history and the evolution of the signature in the modern digital world.

For many centuries, a stroke of a pen testified to fateful decisions in the history of our country – from the declaration of independence of the Zaporozhian Sich to the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. This section presents 10 dramatic and bright pages of Ukraine’s history, its path of discoveries, victories and mistakes, paved with signatures.

Here you can learn about strokes of a pen that divided the world into two parts, 10 days “stolen” from humanity,  and ended the warwhich took 73 million lives. This section tells about the evolution of a signature from the symbol of power to the most powerful weapon, from Ancient Egypt to the present day.

22 stories about signatures that cost millions of dollars or saved thousands of priceless lives. Among them, there are stories about the signatures of William Shakespeare, John F. Kennedy and other people who changed the world, autographs that were sold at auctions or were disguised in the world-famous paintings.

Answers to questions about the role of the signature in today’s digital world, where an ordinary formality has long turned into the key opening up the world of endless possibilities. The section offers an interactive password check and a rating of the least reliable combinations.

“The power of the signature. Boryspil” exhibition continues to operate in the departure area of ​​Terminal D of Boryspil International Airport. One hundred square meters of the exposition tell the most interesting stories of signatures that changed the world and Ukraine. Passengers with tickets for international flights departing from Terminal D can visit the exhibition.

The exhibition operates with the enhanced anti-covid security measures. In addition to the usual measures (obligatory wearing masks, disinfection of interactive elements and other surfaces), there are sensory disinfectors and bactericidal air recirculation systemwhich works in the presence of a person without harm to his health.


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