31 March 2020

Sayenko Kharenko switches to electronic workflows with Ukrainian contractors

Sayenko Kharenko continues implementing the strategy “paperless office” and as of April 2020, launches electronic workflows using e-signature instead of exchanging paper documents with its contractors. In terms of quarantine, this brings additional value since all the documents can now be signed without leaving home, and they will have the same legal force.

Switching to electronic document workflows with contractors is going to be the next stage in the digitalization of Sayenko Kharenko’s business processes, which was preceded by a transition to storing data in the cloud, converting archives into electronic format, and automating internal financial, HR and other processes. From now on this part of the firm’s work will be digitalized on the platform.

Sayenko Kharenko’s CEO Nazar Chernyavsky comments: “Digitalization has always been an important component of our success and not just a buzzword. We were the first law firm in Central and Eastern Europe to start using Microsoft’s corporate storage service back in 2013. This allowed us not to stop working even for a minute during the events on the Maidan, which were unfolding outside the windows of our office. Now, with the introduction of quarantine, we were able to transfer the entire office to the remote work mode quickly and without additional efforts. We believe that such flexibility is an integral attribute of the law firm in the newlaw format, which allows us to adequately respond to today’s challenges.”



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