International Trade

Sayenko Kharenko has unrivalled expertise in Ukraine when it comes to advising our clients on all aspects of international trade law including WTO rules and trade defence proceedings. Based on our more than ten-year experience in this field, we are ready to come up with sophisticated commercial solutions for our clients to help them to expand their business globally.

IN UKRAINE 2012-2017

Our stellar international trade team has the following competitive advantages:

  • Experience both in Ukraine and abroad
  • Representing clients not only in the course of basic trade defence investigations, but also in sunset and interim reviews as well as anti-circumvention investigations
  • Strong legal expertise combined with sophisticated economic substantiation including dumping margin calculation employing advance methodologies
  • Representing both domestic producers protecting the Ukrainian market and foreign producers trying to gain an individual approach in the course of proceedings
  • Appearing before the Ukrainian courts and, in the course of WTO dispute settlement procedure, both defending and challenging the results of trade defence proceedings
  • Our lawyers have been actively engaged in drafting new Ukrainian legislation in the field of trade defence remedies to be brought in full compliance with advanced WTO approaches


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