14 July 2014

Sayenko Kharenko’s lawyers participated in the creation of the online advertising glossary

Sayenko Kharenko’s lawyers of the firm’s IT practice group participated in the creation of the general online advertising glossary.

The glossary is an electronic vocabulary of terms used in the internet advertising industry, including the definition of common words in this domain. The glossary will help market players to use frequently used terms in the same meaning that will contribute to a better execution of legal documents in the field of online advertising.

The glossary creation was initiated by the Committee of the Internet Association of Ukraine on online advertising ("Committee"), as in this area it often happens that the market players use the same terms in different ways. The initiative was supported not only by the members of the Committee, but also by the representatives of other leading players of Internet advertising market, as well as by Sayenko Kharenko’s lawyers.

The glossary was presented at the round table “Discussion of the definitions and methods of the research of the Ukrainian Internet advertising market” held in Kyiv on 15 July.

Our IT group is comprised of lawyers with industry­ specific expertise who represent all major practice areas of the firm. The firm advises a diversified pool of clients in the IT and telecommunications sector on the most sophisticated financial and M&A transactions, as well as regulatory and antitrust issues. 

Sayenko Kharenko’s IT group was led by Mykyta Polatayko, Coordinator of the firm’s IT practice.


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