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18 January 2021

Sayenko Kharenko has successfully represented its client’s rights and created judicial precedent on appealing the NACP protocol

Sayenko Kharenko’s team has successfully represented the interests of its client, one of the subjects of the declaration, and created a judicial precedent on appealing the NACP protocol.

Representing the client’s interests in the appellate instance, Sayenko Kharenko appealed against the decision of the first instance on the presence of an administrative offense. Which was seen in the fact that the client had sent a deputy request to the NACP asking to clarify the declaration process details. Sayenko Kharenko’s team proved that there was no conflict of interest in the People’s Deputy’s actions. Moreover, the purpose of the request was to ensure the accurate implementation of the law. The dispute was considered on appeal for the first time and became a judicial precedent.

The project was led by counsel Zlata Simonenko and partner Sergiy Smirnov.


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