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18 November 2019

An interview with Sayenko Kharenko

Source: Best Lawyers

For Nazar Chernyavsky and Michael Kharenko of Sayenko Kharenko—Ukraine’s 2020 “Law Firm of the Year” winner in Capital Markets Law—steps forward in technology have provided their firm with new avenues to advise their clients. Both Chernyavsky and Kharenko join Phillip Greer, CEO of Best Lawyers, to discuss the advancements in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and the legal challenges that remain for new technologies.

Automation is becoming increasingly common across all industries and in 2017, you wrote an article on the topic titled “Will Robots Replace Lawyers?”. What have you seen change in the two years since you wrote this? Have you seen some firms utilize A.I. to automate functions once handled by junior lawyers?

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