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12 September 2018

Powerful combination (interview with Sergey Pogrebnoy and Sergiy Smirnov)

Source: UJBL

Would you agree that corporate security is mostly a Ukrainian and post-soviet trend rather than something taking place in developed countries?

Sergey Pogrebnoy: No, I don’t. If we compare the history of business security in the West and in our country, we’ll see obvious differences. Firstly, this is in the terms of the existence of middle-class or capitalist societies and economies, as well as the rights to private property and entrepreneurial activity.

If we consider the date of the complete victory of the Dutch Revolt in 1648 to be the date of the emergence of business protection as a phenomenon and profession, in the West, this history is at least 300-350 years old. This is only in the bourgeois capitalist period, which is more or less similar to modern economic and legal relations. The profession has been developing all this time, accumulating its knowledge and traditions.

In our country, the bourgeois and capitalist society was destroyed in 1917 and business protection- related traditions were interrupted before 1986 when the cooperative movement began to develop. Entrepreneurship has been officially revived in Ukraine since 1991. The traditions, experience, theory, methodology, and techniques for the protection of Ukrainian business have existed in modern Ukraine for no more than thirty years at best. Before that, only one type of security existed in Ukraine — state security in its worst form, that of a totalitarian state.

The different development histories of the economy, entrepreneurship, and security led to the formation of completely different approaches to business security in the West and in the former USSR. The development of private (economic) security is inextricably linked with the development of the economy.

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