Sayenko Kharenko has created a comprehensive overview of approaches to taxation in various countries

Together with our foreign colleagues from Andersen Global, Sayenko Kharenko have prepared a comprehensive overview of approaches to taxation in the most relevant countries currently hosting a significant number of Ukrainians.

Since the beginning of the war millions of Ukrainians went abroad to save their lives and their loved ones, and now you already have a work permit, and therefore have to pay taxes. Naturally, the following questions arise: Which tax strategy to choose? What country is entitled to earn your taxes and how much?

Till the end of the year, the majority of Ukrainians may be subject to double taxation: Ukraine treats them as a Ukrainian tax resident and the host country treats them as an own tax resident, too. In some cases not only personal income but business income as well is at risk of double taxation. One of the most common cases is when top manager continues working in a Ukrainian company and lives abroad.

Based on the experience of our foreign colleagues, we will help you find the answers to the following questions:

  • How can you quickly find your way in the host country (which documents are required, what protection status can be claimed)?
  • When should you think about taxation in the host country (how and when tax residency is acquired, whether business activity should be taxed)?
  • How much taxes do you have to pay (tax rates, special or preferential tax regimes)?

Detailed information about each country can be found at the link:

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