Sayenko Kharenko launches “New Year’s Miracle from SK” charity initiative

New Year’s Eve is a special time of year. We are immersed in the holiday mood and happy to embrace the fabulous atmosphere, regardless of age. New Year is the time when we want all our dreams and wishes to come true. Inspired by the spirit of Christmas charity, Sayenko Kharenko is launching a project to bring hope and restore faith in the magic of the festive season.

For ten years, we have not only presented souvenirs but also contributed to the development of our country by supporting Ukrainian manufacturers. Our goal has always been to create a festive mood and at the same time, promote Ukrainian creativity.

This year, we decided to join the global alternative giving initiative. Sayenko Kharenko will donate part of this year’s New Year’s budget to charity. We are happy to announce the start of the “New Year’s miracle from SK” initiative.

Together with our partner, the largest fundraising platform in Ukraine, we have chosen three charitable initiatives to help: newborns, the elderly, and animals. For more details on the “New Year’s miracle from SK” initiative, please follow the link:

We invite you to join us and help those who are most in need. Please follow the link to read more about the selected projects and support the one you like the most

The “New Year’s Miracle from SK” charity initiative will last until 14 January 2022. On 17 January 2022, we will share the results.

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