Sayenko Kharenko proudly welcomes EURO-2012 and supports authentic Ukrainian craftsmanship

Sayenko Kharenko is proud to contribute to the host nations’ efforts to have soccer fans from all over Europe enjoy EURO-2012, the planet's second-most-important soccer tournament.

While preparing for the tournament, Sayenko Kharenko was invited to act on some of the benchmark development projects, excited to play a role in the construction of Ukraine’s best stadiums, new airports, better transport infrastructure, and help EURO-2012 guests enjoy visiting. Now, as the tournament has begun and the excitement quickly reached a fever, we proudly help Ukraine present its cultural heritage and traditions to our guests.

Sayenko Kharenko has been assisting Zozulica brand with a range of IP and regulatory issues related to the sales of Zozulicas, recognized Euro-2012 Unofficial Mascot, during the tournament. We are happy to be able to support the authentic Ukrainian craftsmanship and promote traditional handmade souvenirs, which, according to Ukrainians, bring good fortune to their owners: – 

The Ukrainian team has fortune on its side at UEFA EURO-2012 after Andriy Shevchenko was presented with a hefty lucky charm in the form of a zozulica weighing 10kg” – reads the Ukraine team blog on the official UEFA web-site.

In June 2011, Zozulica was recognized EURO-2012 Unofficial Mascot and is the most popular hand-made authentic souvenir among EURO-2012 guests.

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