Sayenko Kharenko’s counsel – in the coaching team of ImpactMedia international education program

Leonid Antonenko, corporate and M&A counsel of Sayenko Kharenko, acted as one of the coaches of the international education pilot project ImpactMedia, aimed to develop economic journalism in Ukraine.

The program was developed by the Foundation for Effective Governance and targets journalists and editors of national editions highlighting economic issues who seek to create new information space and develop professionally.

The coaching team included leading editors and journalists in the area of economics and business, in particular from Financial Times and New York Times, experts from news agencies (Bloomberg), research centers experts of the world’s top universities (Oxford University, City University London, Boston University), Ukrainian bankers and professionals, including representatives of Group DF, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Dragon Capital, Ernst and Young as well as IMF representative for Ukraine.

Leonid Antonenko delivered a lecture on “Writing the Laws for Ukraine: A Case Study of Investigating the Sources of Rules in Corporate Law and in Law of Capital Markets”.

Leonid is recommended in capital markets and corporate law by Best Lawyers International. He regularly participates in professional forums as a speaker and reads lectures in the leading universities of Ukraine. Over the last year Leonid has been one of the speakers at the annual Corporate Law Forum, M&A Congress and Forbes Conference on banking M&A.

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