The “Breathe” Charity Fund receives the first applications for covering part of the rent as part of the grant programme

For almost six months, Ukraine has been in an open confrontation with the russian federation. And the “Breathe” Charity Fund makes every possible effort within the scope of its activities to speed up our victory.

This week we delivered the necessary medicines to our permanent partner – the National Cancer Institute.

Also, the Fund began to receive the first applications for covering part of the rent for the state property tenants, which support the country as it defends itself from the russian invasion.

We would like to remind you that during the period of martial law, the Fund launched a grant programme to provide rental support and partially cover payments for the state property tenants. The programme appeared as a result of exchange of the official letters with the State Property Fund of Ukraine and is being implemented thanks to financial support from our country’s caring friends from the United States of America.

The detailed conditions can be found on the programme website

We heartfully thank you for supporting those who are in most need. We will continue to inform you about the distribution of aid obtained with your generous assistance.

Donations can be made via the Fund’s website

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