“The Power of Signature” exhibition at Boryspil International Airport

On August 8, in the departure area of Boryspil International Airport, the interactive exhibition “The Power of Signature. Boryspil” opens. 100 square meters of expositions will tell visitors interesting stories of signatures that have changed the world and shaped Ukraine’s destiny.

What nickname did King John receive for his defeats, and why is his signature immortalised in history? What do the Americans mean when they say “make a John Hancock”, and what does the US Declaration of Independence have to do with it? How did the signature of the Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara save six thousand lives? How was Mikhail Gorbachev cornered on board the Mriya aircraft, and how did this spur him to sign an important document? The interactive exhibition “The Power of Signature. Boryspil” offers answers to these questions. Visitors will also be able to go through an interactive quest and check the reliability of their digital signatures.

“In December 2019, more than eight thousand guests visited “The Power of Signature” interactive museum at the Lavra Gallery in Kyiv. Subsequent global events have only served to underline the power of the signature. It is this power that closes or opens the borders of countries during a pandemic and saves thousands of lives,” says Mikhail Kharenko, project organiser and partner at Sayenko Kharenko law firm. “It is symbolic that the next location of the exhibition, which was created to mark the 15th anniversary of Sayenko Kharenko, is Boryspil International Airport. This is where voyages of personal discovery begin. We want Ukrainians and foreigners to learn more about the history of the signatures that have shaped Ukraine and the world, to make sure that their signature is important, that one stroke can change the map of the world, the lives of millions, or the fate of each of us.”

The exhibition consists of four thematic zones. Guests find themselves in a library with huge books, each one telling the story of the most important documents in history and the fate of those who signed them. Another zone tells the history of Ukraine, from the constitution of Pylyp Orlyk to the signing of the Act of Independence in August 1991. A third zone invites guests to learn about the signatures of prominent artists and explore tales of forensic handwriting experts and forgers. The fourth zone offers insights into digital signatures and methods of biometric identification.

“The Power of Signature. Boryspil” will be open throughout the coronavirus quarantine period with enhanced safety precautions. In addition to familiar regulations such as masks and disinfection, the exhibition will also feature sensor disinfectants and an air re-circulation system. Only passengers with tickets for international flights operating from Terminal D will be able to visit the exhibition.

What: Interactive exhibition “The Power of Signature. Boryspil”

Where: Boryspil International Airport, departure area in Terminal D

When: from 8 August 2020

Opening hours: daily from 07:00 to 23:00

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