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27 Грудня 2018

Не існує такого поняття, як легка юридична робота у міжнародній торгівлі (англійською мовою)

Джерело: Kyiv Post

Want some free legal advice?

Anzhela Makhinova will give it to you – as long as you’re asking about the fundamentals of international trade.

“Ukrainians of all walks of life need to understand the consequences of Ukraine’s international obligations, when the country signs international treaties, “ she says.

Large domestic and foreign corporations, as well as industrial unions and the state rely on her advice while trading all over the globe – and they do have to pay.

Makhinova, a leading Ukrainian lawyer specializing in international trade, and a partner at law firm Sayenko Kharenko, thinks that Ukrainians of various professions should adopt more internationalist attitudes. Businesses and authorities should rid themselves of parochial decision-making tactics, known in Ukraine as “mistetchkovist,“ or “provincialism“ in English.

“We have to look at our problems from various standpoints, and do our best to foresee the future of these problems,“ Makhinova says. “And there shouldn’t be any rush decisions, like the one’s we’re so fond of.“

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