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11 Вересня 2017

Огляд фармацевтичного ринку України (англійською мовою)

Джерело: PharmaBoardroom

Vladimir Sayenko, founding partner, and Anzhela Makhinova, counsel, of the leading Ukrainian law firm Sayenko Kharenko, give an overview on the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry in 2017 and explain the expansion of the firm into new practices in order to further respond to the needs of its clients.

What has changed in terms of the importance of the pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine to Sayenko Kharenko since we last met you in 2012?

The importance of the pharmaceutical industry for Sayenko Kharenko has grown since 2012. There has been a change in the nature of the work to be done for pharmaceutical companies, which reflects the current changes in the market. For example, in the past, we did a lot of transactional work with our clients but these days, we are a lot more focused on regulatory and compliance requests, which means day-to-day interaction with local management and a better understanding of the client’s business.

We have also experienced the growth of our IP practice, which is traditionally important for the pharmaceutical industry. We strengthened our team in 2014 and since then this practice has been doing quite a lot of work for the pharmaceutical sector.

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