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22 Листопад 2017

Дослідження юридичних рейтингів у сфері світового ринку нерухомості: Україна (англійською мовою)

Джерело: Огляд Allen&Overy

Legal ratings survey of global real estate

Alien ownership

There are no restrictions on the ownership or leasing of land by aliens?

– Alien individuals and alien corporations are permitted to lease local land directly; however they are permitted to own only nonagricultural land and in certain cases. (2) Local corporations directly owned by aliens cannot own agricultural land but can lease it. Local corporations controlled by aliens can own (in certain cases) and lease local land.  (3) Government or the Parliament permission shall be obtained for acquisition of land plots by aliens in cases when there are no real estate objects, subject to privatisation and situated on such land plots

Absolute ownership

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