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15 Січня 2018

Чи можуть міжнародні контракти FIDIC приваблювати інвестиції в українські будівельні проекти? (англійською мовою)

Джерело: Business Ukraine

FIDIC is the International Federation of Consulting Engineers founded in 1913. It publishes international standard forms of contracts for works and for clients, consultants, sub-consultants, joint ventures and representatives, together with related materials such as standard pre-qualification forms. FIDIC contracts differ from those usually used in

FIDIC contracts have already featured in a number of Ukrainian projects financed by foreign banks and international financial institutions such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank, and the World Bank. This activity has largely focused on the energy, transport and municipal infrastructure sectors.

The Ukrainian authorities have also become FIDIC advocates in recent years. Minister of Infrastructure Omelyan announced in 2016 that the use of FIDIC contracts in road construction would help facilitate higher quality and greater cost control. The Ukrainian Sea Port Authority has recently started to introduce FIDIC contracts into its projects such as dredging work at Yuzhny Port.

Most of Ukraine’s existing experience with FIDIC methodology relates to highway construction projects. Reconstruction work on parts of the Kyiv-Kharkiv highway and Kyiv-Chop highway featured FIDIC contracts. This initial experience with FIDIC contracts has helped to identify a number of challenges presented by the increasing use of FIDIC regulations in Ukraine.

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