Ukraine needs help, the war must not be forgotten

This is the 89th day of the war in Ukraine. Many territories have been liberated by the Ukrainian army, bombings are less frequent, people are returning home and businesses are reopening. It may seem that life is returning to normal. But it is not. There are still many occupied territories in Ukraine, hundreds of people die daily and the enemy continues to bomb civilians.

The task of the “Breathe” Charity Fund and every Ukrainian now is not to let the world forget about the war in our country. We have to constantly remind everyone that we need help.

We continue to develop relationships with the companies around the world, and this week the Fund has received humanitarian aid from our new partners in Canada, Toddington International Inc.

Still, many requests from hospitals across the country remain in the works.

We heartfully thank you for your support and donations. We will continue to inform you about the distribution of aid obtained with your generous assistance.

Donations can be made via the Fund’s website.

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