Yevhen Myroshnykov became a member of the “Criminal Justice” subgroup of the Sectoral Working Group “Rule of Law, Justice”

Yevhen Myroshnykov, a lawyer at Sayenko Kharenko and a representative of the Committee for the protection of the rights of attorneys-at-law and guarantees for attorneys-at-law activities of the Ukrainian National Bar Association, became a member of the “Criminal Justice” subgroup of the Sectoral Working Group “Rule of Law, Justice”. The presiding body of the Criminal Justice subgroup is the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Sectoral working subgroups were established by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine to ensure strategic dialogue and coordination between central executive authorities and development partners in the relevant areas of public policies and sectoral reforms. The work of these subgroups is one of the three levels of the international technical assistance coordination system, to improve the implementation of which the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine worked together with the development partners.

The “Criminal Justice” subgroup includes representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine, the State Bureau of Investigation, the National Police, the High Council of Justice, the Supreme Court, the US Embassy, ​​the Office of the Council of Europe in Ukraine, the EU Delegation to Ukraine, the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, the mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

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